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Tips on Rigging a Kayak for Sight Casting

As told by Brand Ambassador Alan R, Paddling a 2014 Jackson Big Rig Rigged for Sight Casting

When rigging a kayak for sight fishing, many factors come into play. Does your kayak provide stability for you to stand? Are there any factory-set places for rod and equipment storage while standing? What are the other safety features that cater to standing and fishing? While these questions could be answered in depth for every kayak on the market, I want to walk you through how I turned my kayak into the perfect platform for sight casting.

I received the Jackson Kayaks “Big Rig” and immediately started to develop a rigging plan for my style of fishing. This particular kayak does provide the capability for standing, which works well because my preferred method of kayak fishing in the local waters is sight fishing on the flats or even in shallow freshwater situations.

Rigging the Lean Bar
The Big Rig is outfitted with their “lean bar,” which is basically a stand-up grab bar for assistance when standing and sight casting. Obviously, my first rigging step would be to add rod/accessory bases to the lean bar at a location that would provide easy, quick access to my rods and push pole while I was standing. The bases I chose were the RAILBLAZA 19-25 RailMounts, which are compatible bases for all the RAILBLAZA accessories. Once I installed the RailMount 19-25s to the lean bar — a perfect fit by the way — I would be able to mount other accessories such as the Rod Holder II and G-Hold. Now, when I stand up, I have a rod holder and a docking point for my push pole within quick reach, as opposed to having to lean over or sit back down to grab my rod or pole. The placement of these mounts on the lean bar allows for quicker and quieter access to my rods and push pole while standing and sight fishing. Quicker, quieter casting and poling is a rare advantage when fishing!

Rigging the Tracks
On top of having the lean bar come stock from the factory, Jackson has also included various tracks on the Big Rig. As a good alternative to permanently mounting bases to the deck, I used the tracks to secure my other accessories.

I utilized the YakGear Universal Track Nut and Allen Screw Kit for these installations. These track nuts fit most track systems and include both an Allen wrench and wing nuts to slip on the socket screws for on-the-water adjustments. Confident in my placement, I mounted the RAILBLAZA bases without the wing head caps on the various tracks to handle extra rods and, when repositioned, the G-Holds on the side tracks for an easy way to carry a shotgun during duck season.

By adding the track mounted StarPorts toward the stern of the kayak, I also mounted my i360 LED Light for visibility and the RAILBLAZA Camera Boom 600 R-Lock for photos and recording while on the water.

Basically, I have rigged my kayak for any situation possible in regard to my style of kayak fishing. That’s the beauty of rigging — it is 100% customizable! Hopefully this information can help you customize your kayak for your personal style of kayak fishing!

We want to know what you think about how Alan rigged his Jackson Big Rig! What are some ways you rig your kayak for your personal style of kayak fishing? Tell us what you think! Comment below, reach out to us at [email protected], or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!