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Set Out, Hold On and Enjoy the Ride with HOLDFast Paddle Grips

Keep a firm grasp on your ever-important paddle with HOLDFast paddle grips. Available now through YakGear and local YakGear dealers, HOLDFast grips provide a firmer hold with less hand fatigue.

With black and pink options available, and sizes to suit both kayak and SUP paddles, there’s an ideal grip for everyone. HOLDFast’s 6″ kayak paddle grips come in sets of two, while the company’s 11″ SUP paddle grips are sold individually. Easy to install, and made in the USA, the $15.95 grips are both affordable and functional.

Even paddlers with perfect form can experience hand strain and fatigue on the water, YakGear President Bill Bragman said. Any opportunity to bring relief is worth considering.

“When you’re out there enjoying nature, you aren’t really thinking about all you’re putting your body through,” he said. “But even holding that paddle can wear you out. Our crew uses HOLDFast grips ourselves, and we can say they really make a difference.”

The grips also aid in keeping a paddle’s blade at the correct position, Bragman said, noting that uncovered shafts have a tendency to slip in the hands and fall at funny angles.

“With HOLDFast Grips, your paddle shaft stays easily in the correct position for an optimal paddle stroke each and every time,” he said.

For more information about YakGear’s HOLDFast grips, or to make a purchase, visit our Product pages.