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UV Protective Gloves added to Yak Gear Distribution through Tailin’ Toads

Tailin Toads Kayak Fishing Gloves by Yak Gear
Photo Credit: Sam Root Photography

You can’t fish a kayak tournament in the southeast United States without noticing the presence of TAILIN’ TOADS fingerless paddling gloves and shields.  Offering a combination of SPF 50+ UV protection, comfort, and style, the gloves recognized by their Toad-Fish hybrid logo have been saving kayak anglers from the sun since June 2012 thanks to founder Manny Altman.  Yak Gear is proud to announce that we are adding TAILIN’ TOADS fingerless protective gloves to our line of paddlesport accessories that will become available at Yak Gear retailers in Fall 2014.


TAILIN’ TOADS was founded in June 2012 after the loss of Manny’s mother – a world renowned artist.  As an avid angler, Manny – a self-taught seamstress – started TAILIN’ TOADS as a way to both honor and grieve her Mom. She felt the need for a product that would protect the skin from harmful UV rays while also allowing full mobility and function of the fingers at the same time.  TAILIN’ TOADS does just that while remaining breathable, moisture wicking, and mildew resistant.

Manny has sold her fingerless protective gloves all over the world since the company’s founding in 2012 including large amounts of business in the United States, Australia, and Canada.  She has had a tremendous response and overwhelming sales, but she credits some of that success to her branding through Captain Blake Smith and Captain Danny Barrow along with Tailin’ Toads ProStaffer members Dee Kaminski, Gus Montoya, Donny Miley, and Justin Ritchey, to name a few.  Manny has even been featured in publications such as Tackle Tester, The Examiner 2013,  The Examiner 2014, and World Fishing Network.

Tailin Toads Kayak Fishing Gloves by Yak Gear 2

Yak Gear Distribution of TAILIN’ TOADS

Through distribution of TAILIN’ TOADS fingerless protective gloves, Yak Gear looks to add another product to our line of paddlersport accessories while also opening up our distribution channels to a deserving USA based small business on their way to much larger success.  For more information on TAILIN’ TOADS, check out their website or ask your local Yak Gear retailer for more info!  Availability begins Fall 2014.

We want to know what you think about these new fingerless protective gloves! What do you think about Manny’s adventure with TAILIN’ TOADS? Tell us what you think! Comment below, reach out to us at socialmedia@yakgear.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!