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Top 4 Reasons You Need an Anchor Trolley

While kayak fishing, getting a comfortable, sustainable and relevant anchored position requires one of three things:

1) perfect weather conditions and tide movement
2) lots of added time, effort and discomfort anchoring and being forced to reposition/redeploy or
3) an anchor trolley

We’ve all seen the Pro Staff pictures and the magazine covers that feature expensive boats with these anchor trolleys, but what are they and why do we I need it?

Your anchoring position is made up of an anchor, anchor line and your boat. Essentially, an anchor trolley becomes an extension of your anchor line by creating an adjustable attachment point to your boat. An effective anchor trolley acts as an adjustable anchor cleat, thus allowing you to adjust the angle of your boat based on changing wind conditions or tide movement. Advanced kayak anglers even use anchor trolleys on each side of their kayak to provide versatility in choosing an anchored position. After all, the potential for versatility is only as strong as the number of anchoring options you give yourself when rigging!

Now that you know what it is, you’re stuck wondering “Why do I need it?”, here are “Top 4 Reasons You Need an Anchor Trolley.”

Eliminates the Need for Multiple Anchor Cleats
What most kayak anglers do not realize is that you cannot have one anchor cleat rigged to your kayak in a spot that is favorable to all anchoring positions. Instead, you must first read the conditions and then adjust your anchor’s connection point accordingly. To replace an anchor trolley with an anchor cleat would require the installation of multiple anchor cleats along the port and starboard sides of your kayak. The secret to success is providing yourself long-term anchoring flexibility, which will ultimately lead to a much easier anchoring experience.

Provides Positioning Flexibility with Changing Winds and Currents
Great, you got lucky and picked the right spot on your kayak to install an anchor cleat. When you get on the water, you can’t stop catching fish! What happens when the wind changes directions? What happens when the current pushes you to the opposite side of your anchor? An anchor trolley provides an easy way to make quick adjustments while out on the water. 

Anchor Trolleys are Compatible with Most Anchors
Anchor selection is based on a combination of personal preference and compatibility with the bottom of the body of water that you are fishing. If the bite is slow while you are stationary, switch your grapnel anchor for a drift chute and go for the controlled drift over your old honey hole. Because anchor trolleys are not limited to only one anchoring system, it makes them very appealing to kayak anglers that make many mid-trip adjustments.

Anchor Trolleys are Finally Affordable and Gaining Weight as a Necessity
Rigging anchor trolleys have a firm footing as an added bonus for the skilled paddler or angler. But more and more paddlers and anglers of all skill levels are finding ways to incorporate these techniques because the kits are becoming more affordable and customer friendly. When you buy a Yak Gear Anchor Trolley (regardless of whether it is the Stainless Steel Deluxe Anchor Trolley, Harken Pulley Deluxe Anchor Trolley, or the Pad Eye System Basic Anchor Trolley) you will get ALL necessary installation hardware and a very detailed, yet simple, set of “Do It Yourself” installation instructions. This is making paddling a safer, more practical, and more enjoyable experience to the point of these accessories becoming a necessity. In fact, kayak manufacturers have even incorporated an increasing amount of anchor trolleys to their boats.

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Already bought an anchor trolley or planning to get one? Here is a comprehensive video explaining the installation process: