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Things Tournament Directors Want You to Know (But Probably Won’t Tell You)

It’s not a glamorous job – scheduling compliance, attracting participants, floating a bunch of cash, and herding a group of uninterested, yet willing, sponsors. But somebody’s got to do it! Tournament directors have it rough. A weekend full of repetitive questions, hypersensitive attention to detail, and the balancing act of organizing the whole thing can be tough. So we asked them, anonymously, to detail the one thing they want kayak fishing tournament anglers to know…but would never tell them.

    1. Pedal. Kayaks. Are. Still. Kayaks. Stop arguing that they aren’t.


    1. You’re not a professional kayak angler and I’m not a professional tournament director. Let’s just have fun today and go back to our professionally boring day jobs tomorrow…


    1. Lack of preparation on your end does not constitute an emergency on my end!


  1. Oh, you have a question that’s clearly written in the rules? No problem! I’d love to go over that again.
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  4. Just, please, be nice!
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    All opinions are to be taken lightly. In the heat of this kayak fishing tournament season, we want to make it clear: we love our tournament anglers, tournament directors, and all of the companies involved in the tournament process. Good luck this season, everyone!