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The Viking Kayaks Have Landed!

Viking Kayaks Landed at Yak Gear

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yak Gear is proud to announce that Viking Kayaks have landed in the United States! After months of anticipation and excitement, the Viking Kayak Profish Reload and Profish 400 Lite have arrival of the Viking Kayaks at our two retailers: Austin Kayak and The Waterman’s Depot!

Instead of gawking over the features of the Viking Kayaks or scrutinizing over the endless rigging possibilities that the boats possess – which you are more than welcome to do HERE – we want to take some time to celebrate their arrival!

Matt Philips First Viking Kayak

Yak Gear Product Specialist Matt P couldn’t stop smiling once the Vikings had landed! In fact, it was documented that he was the first person in the United States to stock and store a Viking Kayak. However, after multiple container loads of kayaks and filling up several different kayak rack storage systems, the smiles shrank and turned into exhaustion.  Yak Gear Warehouse Manager Edgar S was even caught commenting “If they weren’t so cool looking, this would be a lot harder work!”

Yak Gear Employees and Viking Kayaks

After a hard mornings work, the Yak Gear Production and Warehouse Teams took some time out to enjoy their sneak peak of the Viking Kayaks! How fast was the turn around?  Let’s check out some of the first Viking Kayaks sightings in the first 24 hours.


The Viking Kayaks landed at the ACK Houston store almost immediately after hitting US soil! ACK Houston Store Manager Andrew M showed up to the Yak Gear warehouse to personally pick up the kayaks and bring them to their new owners!


Not long after they hit the Texas coast, they began popping up with Waterman’s Depot customers like the one pictured above from Drew T!

We are looking forward to the many, many more happy customers to submit Viking Kayak sightings! To learn more about the Viking Kayaks, Viking Kayak accessories, or the retailers through which you can buy your Viking Kayak, check out our Viking Kayak Information Page.

We want to know what you think the new Viking Kayaks! Where was your last Viking Kayak sighting? Tell us what you think! Comment below, reach out to us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!