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YakGear YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick On-The-Water Review

As told by Mike Morales, Owner of Fin Factory Charters LLC


“The use of a good stake-out pole while inshore fishing on the Texas Coastal Bend is paramount for a successful day on the water especially in our neck of the woods, windy Corpus Christi.

Having owned and operated a kayak fishing guide service over the last six years, I quickly learned that providing my clients with a stake-out stick over an anchor was much easier and safer for them especially being that our average water depth for fishing the flats is 3 feet or less.

I’ve used many different stake-out poles over the years but over the last several trips I’ve had the chance to try out the new Yakstick, a Floating Stake-out Stick by YakGear.

What makes this stick unique at a little over six feet long and super lightweight at 22oz. is its new multi-handle design that not only makes it a cinch to stake it out through hard bottoms but also doubles as a great tool to use when poling through the shallow flats stealthily especially through muddy bottoms.  The length and weight of the pole is just right for all experience levels of kayakers and what is even better is that the Yakstick floats which ultimately saves me a ton of money from replacement costs.”