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YakGear Products

Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
PL40Paddle Leash - Uni-Leash890847002004DownloadViewRead
CPL24Coiled Paddle Leash890847002844DownloadViewRead
CUSL24Customizable Coiled Leash890847002981DownloadView
01-0055Coiled Fishing Rod Leash855271006776Download
BL15Floating Accessory Leash (Boga)890847002028DownloadView
BPL36B-H36" Baja Paddle Leash853628005052DownloadViewRead
BPL48B-H48" Baja Paddle Leash853628005069DownloadViewRead
PL-60Stand Up Paddleboard Leash890847002912DownloadView
CNG60ClicknGo Leash890847002066DownloadView
Leash Combination Packs
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
PFCPaddle & Fish Combo (PL40 x2)890847002035DownloadViewRead
ELCExtreme Leash Combo (PL40 x3)890847002059DownloadViewRead
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
AB1Anchor In A Bag 1.5lb Grapnel Anchor890847002202DownloadViewRead
AB3Anchor In A Bag 3.3lb Grapnel Anchor890847002301DownloadViewRead
ACK1Anchor Bar Cleat Kit890847002424Download
AK1Deluxe Anchor Trolley With Pulleys890847002264DownloadViewRead
AKNDeluxe Anchor Trolley With Pad Eyes890847002097DownloadRead
01-0057Trolley Rigging Kit (circle and Hook)855271006790Download
PUL-HARKHarken Pulley Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002356DownloadRead
PUL-HAR-SSKStainless Steel Harken Pulley Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002189DownloadRead
DAK18Drift Anchor Kit890847002455DownloadViewRead
AG1BGrapnel Anchor (1.5lb)890847002332DownloadView
AG3BGrapnel Anchor (3.3lb)890847002349DownloadView
ABBBruce Anchor (2.2lb)890847002325DownloadView
01-0010-01BMushroom Anchor (5lb)853628005816Download
01-0011-01BMushroom Anchor (8lb)853628005823Download
PAR2Bruce Anchor Rigged890847002318Download
QRAFAnchor Float Leash890847002448Download
SA6Yak Stick (6 Ft) (With Storage Clips) - WHITE890847002370DownloadViewRead
01-0018-01Yak Stick (6 Ft) (With Storage Clips) - GRAY853628005847DownloadViewRead
ZZCK1Zig Zag Cleat Kit890847002578DownloadView
ZZCKS1Zig Zag Cleat Kit (Small)890847002219DownloadView
Deck Rigging Kits
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
01-005030 Feet Neon Green Reflective Rope855271006721Download
01-004930 Feet Neon Orange Reflective Rope855271006714Download
01-005130 Feet Bright Blue Reflective Rope855271006745Download
01-005230 Feet Black Reflective Rope855271006738Download
01-005475 Feet solid Black Rope with Winder855271006769Download
01-005375 Feet Camo Rope With Winder855271006752Download
AMBK1Accessory Mounting Board890847002813Download
B1818' 1/4" Bungee Kit890847002196Download
DK1Bungee Deck Kit890847002073DownloadViewRead
DPKDrain Plug Kit (1 Coarse - 1 Fine Thread)890847002653DownloadViewRead
DPHPaddle Boat Drain Plug890847002639Download
DPTTransom Drain Plug890847002530Download
DRIPKDrip Ring Kit890847002394Download
FOPCFolding Paddle Clip Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002561Download
HANDHandle Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002714Download
01-0056Rubber End Handle Kit (No Hardware)855271006783Download
HANDCToggle Handle Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002615Download
MPCMolded Paddle/Pole Clip Kit - 1-1/4" (2 Per Pack)890847002271DownloadRead
MPC34Molded Yak Stick Clip Kit - 3/4" (2 Per Pack)890847002417DownloadRead
PEK5Pad Eye Kit (5 Piece)890847002103Download
PK1Paddle Keeper Kit (2 Per Pack)890847002110Download
ROPPC1Pre Cut Hank Of Rope Kit (30 Feet Of Rope)890847002806Download
SCUP4Universal Scupper Plugs (4 Per Pack)890847002783Download
TGR10Tri Grip Rivet Kit (10 Per Pack)890847002400DownloadRead
TNASK4Universal Track Nut And Screw Kit890847002592Download
TRK8Accessory Mounting Track - 8 Inch853628005120Download
TRK12Accessory Mounting Track - 12 Inch853628005137Download
TPC1Taco Paddle Clip Kit890847002677DownloadViewRead
Build A Crate Series
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
ACCP1Accessory Pouch853628005045Download
BMC13Black 13" X 13" Milk Crate890847002837Download
BMC24Black 13" X 11" X 19" Milk Crate853628005861Download
01-0026-01Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate: Starter853628005854DownloadView
01-0004-01Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate: Basic853628005793DownloadView
01-0005-01Grab & Go Kayak Angler Crate: Pro Series853628005809DownloadView
BAC1Build A Crate Single890847002691Download
BAC2Build A Crate Double890847002387Download
BAC3Build A Crate Triple890847002929Download
01-0059Cratewell (Live well and Dry Storage)855271006837Download
Flush Mount Rod Holders & Accessories
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
EXT1Rod Holder Extender890847002608Download
FMHFlush Mount Rod Holder Kit With Pad Eye890847002295Download
1037Flush Mount rod Holder ll853628005403Download
FMHGFlush Mount Gasket (Yak Gear Flush Mount Only)890847002684Download
Transportation Accessories
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
THDLP1Hood Loops With Grommet (2 Per Pack)890847002226Download
TQL1Ez Loops (2 Per Pack)890847002585Download
TDSTP1Tie Down Straps With Cover (2 Per Pack)890847002707Download
RTB3830GRNKSSTie Boss - Kayak Hanger Sling890669002084Download
RTB142GRNTie Boss - 2 Pack 1/4" 890669002169Download
RTB3810GRNTie Boss - Single Pack 3/8"" 890669002138Download
01-0061Foam Block Kayak Carrier855271006844Download
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
L-FL-66 Cree Led Flood Light853628005083DownloadRead
LUMBAT1Lumina Utility Led Light(Battery)890847002134DownloadViewRead
LUMCHG1Lumina Utility Led Light(Rechargeable)890847002127DownloadViewRead
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
01-0030-01StandNCast Assist StrapDownload
HATCH4Hatch - 4 Inch-Download
HATCH4CHatch And Cat Bag - 4 Inch890847002974Download
HATCH6Hatch - 6 Inch890847002820Download
HATCH6CHatch And Cat Bag - 6 Inch890847002967Download
OR1OOutriggers (Standard Orange)890847002431Download
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
SMRManta Ray Deluxe Seat890847002257DownloadView
SSRSting Ray Seat890847002288Download
SSDSand Dollar Seat Cushion890847002141Download
SSR-CLRThe Cooler Seat853628005472Download
Fishing Accessories
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
01-0073YakGear Rivet Tool855271006998Download
FFR36Floating Fish Ruler - 36 Inches853628005007Download
KCM1KC Magic Kayak & Canoe Cleaner853628005076DownloadRead
01-0007-11Blue Paddling Gloves 853628005496Download
01-0037-01Low Profile Bait Caster Reel Cover 855271006530Download
01-0036-01Conventional Reel Cover 855271006523Download
01-0035-01Spinning or Fly Reel Cover 855271006516Download
Fish StikDownload
HOLDFast 6″ & 11" Kayak Paddle Grips
01-0060Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind Download
YakGear Fish Grip LockDownload
Item #Product NameUPCPhotosVideoVideoBlog
06-0010YakGear Guadalupe Paddle – Aluminum Shaft855271006486Download
06-0011YakGear Amistad Paddle – Fiberglass Shaft855271006493Download
06-0012YakGear Matagorda Paddle – Carbon Fiber Hybrid Shaft855271006509Download
Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid PaddleDownload
Backwater Assault Hand PaddleDownload