Introducing YakGear’s New Look and Feel | YakGear

YakGear’s New Look Encourages You to Play by Your Rules

If you’re a regular visitor to the YakGear website, you’ve probably noticed a bit of change. We’re excited to announce we’re rolling out a new look that speaks more to who we are and gets to the heart of living life on the water.

Our new tagline, “Your Rules,” embraces the idea that the best adventures are those you take on your own terms. It’s about getting out there and doing what you love, in a way that works for you. That’s always been the goal behind our rigging and equipment, and we think this messaging — which includes brand-new YakRules — is a loud and proud way to get the point across.

This might seem like big change, but rest assured we’re still the same company you’ve known and trusted for years. Your Yak. Your rules.