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YakGear Cratewell (Live Well & Dry Storage)

YakGear’s Newest Release, the CrateWell, Upgrades Kayak Angler Milk Crates

One of the most versatile tools in a fisherman’s possession becomes even more useful with the launch of YakGear’s newest product, the CrateWell. Available now through yakgear.com and local YakGear dealers, the CrateWell upgrades kayak angler milk crates into livewells for bait, or dry storage to keep important items protected.

Constructed of durable PVC tarpaulin, the CrateWell fits standard 13” x 13” x 11” milk crates, as well as taller varieties. Its three-sided zipper and Velcro lid keep important items inside dry, although added care should be implemented to protect belongings in instances of heavy water splashes, soaking or capsized watercraft.

The versatile product can also be modified for a bubbler system, not included with the purchase.

The CrateWell allows fishermen to upgrade and repurpose the milk crates many already have onboard their kayaks, boats and canoes, said YakGear President Bill Bragman. That proves invaluable when space is limited.

“Why clutter up your watercraft with extra equipment you don’t really need?” he asked. “You have to be smart with storage when you’re out on the water. Our guys created the CrateWell as a simple way to help people up their fishing game.”

For more information about the CrateWell, or to view a video of the product in action, visit the product page.

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