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Shallow Water Anchoring

As Reviewed by YakGear Brand Ambassador Derick Burgos of Phatfish Kayak Charters.

I was excited when I came home to find my YakGear order at my doorstep. Like a kid with a new toy, I dropped everything and immediately began to play.  In the package, I received a YakGear Mud Stick Anchor, a Deluxe Anchor Trolley, and ClickNGo Leash – all for shallow water anchoring in my new Feel Free Moken 12.5. After a quick tool round up and parts inspection, it was time to get to work.

The Products

I started with the Deluxe Anchor Trolley since it was the only product that involved an actual installation. The package consisted of a few main parts:

  • 30’ of 1/4″ Nylon Rope
  • 2 Pad Eyes
  • 1 Zig Zag Cleat
  • 2 Harken Pulleys
  • 1 Triangle Tether Clip
  • Tons of Mounting Hardware

The first thing that caught my eye was the pulleys.  The Harken pulleys that Yak Gear uses are made of nylon, which is much quieter than the traditional stainless pulleys or big bulky clip on pulleys. The installation of the system was a breeze and took less than 30 minutes with the diagrams and written instructions that come with the kit.  Here is Bill Bragman walking you through the installation process:

Next, the ClickNGo – which keeps the “Yak Stick” or any stakeout pole tethered to a ring on the anchor trolley. The ClickNGo Leash can also be used to tow leash, connection leash to a dock or other kayak, or it can be used as a support strap while traveling. The simple design featuring braided 1/4″ bungee with 2 carabineers allows for lots of versatility when determining how to use it.

Last but not least, I got to the YakGear Mud Stick Anchor, or the “Yak Stick.” This fiberglass constructed stakeout pole is 6′ long with the bottom end pointed for stabbing the bottom or “staking” out to hold your position in shallow water.  This eliminates having to deploy a standard anchor in sure shallow water and is a really convenient alternative to using a traditional anchor. The top end of the pole has a heavy-duty, rubber handle to help you stake out.  This handle doubles as a push pole when turned upside down.  A unique feature of the Yak Stick is the attachment point for a carabineer near the handle ensuring you never lose your pole to the abyss. Something I am not a stranger too.

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